passport approved tour blog: day 2 [thank you Jimi!]

April 16, 2008

Dear Jimi,

All of us here on the Passport Approved Tour are very big fans of yours and to be honest I am more than sure have inspired Justin Hopkins to play the guitar… Well now thanks to your liquid experience, we get to know you better by your tasty new beverage. ZING!!! We are all humming along now, bright eyed and seeing some amazing parts of California and Oregon today. Golden fields and springs California poppies lined our way all the way to beautiful Oregon. We had a quick bite in Redding California @ Denny’s and it’s so amazing the diversity Passport Approved has traveling on the road. Bassboosa & the Skybombers were like kids in a candy store ordering off the menu. Most had never had Root Beer before!!! Crazy, so Scotty the drummer for the Bombers lost a bet at lunch when he tried to eat 6 crackers in 1 min. with no drinking. Good effort but he nearly choked on the last bit for us. Well we are now searching for Tapatio (Hot Sauce) for the boys in Oregon then we are off the Crystal Ballroom in Portland in the morning. Sprits are high and we are getting some much needed rest. Can’t wait to see the fine folks of 94.7fm, they are in for a real treat!


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