passport approved tour blog: day 1 [northward bound!]

April 16, 2008

YES…  We Are Finally On The Passport Approved Tour!!!

Sooo yesterday we all left from Hollywood with our vans packed, and headed north for our first stop San Francisco.

The Bassboosa tour van is sooo plush and everyone is jealous because we have Xbox 360 and a sweet DVD player…

We got to SF early and had a fantastic view of the city before the fog rolled in and it was great to see everyone’s reaction because most of them have never been to the city before… We took some pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge then headed to the venue to meet up with the Skybombers who have been all across America the last 4 weeks with XJustin Hopkins played first with his Swedish band and we had the crowd in the palm of our hand.  Most had a look of shock at the talent that was being displayed at 8:30 on a Tuesday night, like WOW.  Next was Bassboosa who played their first San Francisco gig.  This night they made some new friends and fans with their stirring rendition of Wicked Game. Finally we were really cooking when the Skybombers hit the stage… The house was packed and they knocked them down from the first stroke of the guitar!  Hugh was in full form getting the crowd behind them and peoples jaws were dropping at the wall of sound and raw talent all the way from Australia right in this club in San Francisco. Well we are off to Oregon today and the sun is shining…  See you in Portland tomorrow!


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