passport approved playlist – 02.23.08 – indie 103.1 fm

February 23, 2008

OLIVIER LIBAUX PRESENTS IMBECILE – “Le Petit Succes” (Discograph, France)
THE SMALL HOURS – “Owner Of My Honor” (unsigned)
EJECTORSEAT – “My Girl” (import, UK)
ADELE – “Hometown Glory” (XL, UK)
MEXICOLAS – “Come Clean” (import, UK)
SAM SPARRO – “Black & Gold” (Island, UK)
HOT ROCKET“Do Do Do” (Indelible, UK)
THE CONFUSIONS – “Silver” (Mass Produktion, Sweden)
PETE & THE PIRATES – “The Understanding” (import, UK)
* “KIWI FM” New Zealand Weekly Import Selection w/DJ Karyn Hay
*CUT OFF YOUR HANDS – “Oh Girl” (import, New Zealand)
MARYA ROXX – “21” (EAA, Estonia)
STORY ONE – “Russian Dolls” (unsigned, UK)
IDA MARIA – “Better When You’re Naked” (import, Norway)
REVEREND & THE MAKERS – “Miss Brown” (Wall of Sound, UK)
KAROSHI BROS – “Love Da World” (unsigned, UK)
THE GIN CLUB – “10 Paces Away” (Plus 1, Australia)
SMALLWHITELIGHT – “Spite” (import, UK)
*“XFM UK” Weekly Import Selection w/DJ John Kennedy (Live Phone-In)
*THE TEENAGERS – “Love No” (import)
THE RED PAINTINGS – “Mad World” (import, Australia)
HYPERNOVA – “Fairytales (That Don’t Have Happy Endings)” (import, Iran)
MIKE SNOW – “The Rabbit” Flyckt Mix (import, Sweden)
SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE – “Rockist” (Memphis Industries, UK)
DUFFY – “Rockferry” (Mercury, UK)
SKYBOMBERS – “6AM” (Alberts, Australia)
BIG LINDA – “I Don’t Even Like You” (unsigned, UK)
CAROLINA LIAR – “I’m Not Over” (Atlantic, Sweden)
MISS KITTIN – “Grace” (import, France)
CAPRA – “Precious Games” (unsigned) Live In-Studio Interview
THE TING TINGS – “Fruit Machine” (Columbia, UK)
JACK SAVORETTI – “Dreamers” (De Angelis, UK)
* “Motor FM” Germany Weekly Import Selection w/DJ Max
WINONA – “I’m A Celebrity (IE Music, Europe)
FRANK TURNER – “The Real Damage” (Xtra Mile, UK)
BASSBOOSA – “Succumb” (Champion, UK)


7 Responses to “passport approved playlist – 02.23.08 – indie 103.1 fm”

  1. David said

    I’d like to purchase Mike Snow, “The Rabbit”, but cannot find it anywhere–any ideas. Thanks.

  2. Rich Huffman said

    Hi Sat, I’m a big fan of your show, could you tell me what song you played last Saturday, March 1st right before Mr Understanding by Pete and the Pirates. Also I’m surprised you haven’t played The Courteeners (Manchester’s new hope), Acrylic is a good choice. Rich

  3. Patti P. said

    I had heard ‘The Rabbit’ one evening on my car radio and immediatally fell in love with it.
    The only problem is-
    I can’t seem to find it anywhere in regards to downloading, or even lyrics!

    Why is this,
    and how long will this be a problem?


  4. Dan Miller said

    umm yes please. i too would like to have a copy of mike snows “the rabbit” thank you…

  5. D said

    Same as the guy above, any idea where i could grab mike snow “the rabbit”? Thanks

  6. @ 2 above me: don’t forget it’s spelled Miike Snow!

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