December 15, 2007

Today’s Passport Approved show on Indie 1031 Los Angeles was different than most broadcasts. It finally sunk in, Steve Schnur, who had been my co-host for the past 8 months or so was no longer doing the live show on the station every week. Due to his hectic work and travel schedule, it’s very hard for him to be at the station every Saturday. I really enjoyed doing the show with him, but completely understand he has a very important day job that he does as the Worldwide Head of Music & Marketing for the videogame giant Electronic Arts, which makes it difficult for him to be in LA every week. Steve flies around the world and the country more than anyone I know, so it’s understandable why his time is so tight; however, he be invited back whenever he is able to make a guest appearance. I’ll miss our in-studio chats, but since we’re still good mates…I’m sure those will continue whenever we see each other. Look forward to having him back on the show early next year and share some of the great music he comes across also with our faithful listening audience, or musical pundits as they say.
 I was still numb this Saturday from the Passport Approved Christmas show at On The Rox at The Roxy in W. Hollywood this past Wednesday. I got drunk on all the great music…okay, I did have a few glasses of red wine too (it was a party, so I felt obliged to have a few if you know what I mean). Wow…what can I say, I was very impressed by Justin Hopkins, George Stanford, Meiko and Carolina Liar who all performed for our Christmas show. I think everyone in the audience was stunned by just how good all of these artists were live. Having so many of listeners respond so well to the artists was a really good feeling, because it’s always tough to please a knowledgeable crowd who can tell when an artist is great or bad. The feedback I heard was really good and so many of our faithful listeners were very impressed by all four artists. One of them actually will be appearing on the Carson Daly TV show in January as a result of Passport Approved Christmas show. Evidently, the talent booker for Jimmy Kimmel and Carson Daly were at the Passport Approved Christmas party and were impressed by the artists and that one in particular (who will be on Carson Daly’s show). Fast forward to this past Saturday, I was bit concerned. I decided to take two weeks off during the Christmas and New Year’s break and pre-record the show (which I rarely ever do, as I prefer doing the show live so I can interact with the listeners on Indie 1031). I got to the studio at 7am so I could pre-tape the shows. My voice was gone when all was said and done and I had to now do a live three hour show (this job isn’t as glamorous as it seems…but I love music and I love radio…so this addiction to this passion gets the best of me). It was really good to chat with Roy, the lead singer from Scouting For Girls. This band has done brilliantly well over the past year and I’m really happy to see them succeed…even though they seem like an overnight success…Scouting For Girls have actually been beating the pavement for 10 years…much respect to them I say. The phones lit-up like a Christmas tree when I played unsigned UK artist Cass Fox doing a remake of the classic Otis Redding song “Sitting On The Dock…UMMMMM HMMMMM this musical love to my ears and everyone else listening to the show by the sounds of it. A few of the other stand-out new tracks on this weeks show included Yoav and his song “Club Thing.” It’s a bloody small world, but I actually met Yoav back in 2004 when he was known as the artist Y. He met me at my hotel with his then manager and played me a few songs on his guitar. He was very talented and I recommended he check out producers Rollo Armstrong and Guy Sigsworth who I thought would be perfect for him to work with. I sent his demos to Rollo and Guy and then put his manager in touch with them to follow-up. I hadn’t heard from Y or Yoav as he’s known now for almost three years and then low and behold I get his CD from Rollo who has produced his new album and signed him to his label Field Recordings through Island Records in the UK. Now that is a bloody coincidence, and I’m very happy that things worked out for Yoav and he ended-up working with Rollo (strange how life works aye?). Another favorite was One eskimO…another new band that Rollo (Faithless/Dido’s brother and producer) worked with and sent me last week. The video for the single, “Hometime,” is amazing (check it out on YouTube). It reminds me somewhat of Rollo’s other ethereal project from a few years back called Dusted where Dido sang that rare track “Winter,” which is quite a master-piece if I do say so myself. Also, really fancied the new Pete & The Pirates single “The Understanding”, Kent’s “Elefanter,” Adele’s track “Hometown Glory” (which we premiered back in October in N. America and of course really liked French artist Paco Volume and his catchy little number “Cookie Machine,” which Brandon one of my producer’s turned me on to a while back.
 Can’t believe 2007 is almost over and a new year is about to start. Time for me to grab a cuppa and finally put up my legs and rest for a couple of Saturday mornings in front of the telly and watch some English Football and hopefully catch a few games with my favorite childhood team Liverpool and our Captain Fantastic Steven Gerrard…talk about spirit…this guy has amazing team spirit and passion! Till next year, cheers and Happy New Year to all.


One Response to “UMMMMM HMMMMM”

  1. Thomas said

    Pacovolume is a really good artist !

    His new album “Manhattan Baby” is incredible !

    I think this musician will become a star !!

    For information you can “co-produce” musical projects of Pacovolume on website :

    Enjoy guys !

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