December 1, 2007

Waking up this morning and listening to some 90s Euro-disco from Sandra Cretu (the wife of Hubert Kah producer and part-time vocalist for multi-million selling band Enigma another Michael Cretu creation) put me in a jolly mood this morning. Don’t get me a wrong…I’m a generally jolly person in the mornings unlike Brandon (one of my two Passport Approved producers)…depending on his mood can be cranky, bitchy or nice. Molly (my other producer…well I’m lucky if she say’s hi to me). However, this morning she was friendly and actually said “hi” and got me a starbucks tea and scone…but NO napkin. Since Brandon and Molly are both from Iowa originally and never get me napkins for my tea snacks, it makes me wonder if Iowans use napkins? Someone please prove me wrong 🙂
 Anyway, I loved today’s show. There’s just so much great music coming out from all four corners of the globe. I can’t get Welsh singer/songwriter Duffy whose song “Rockferry” we world-premiered on Passport Approved a few months back…phones light up like a Christmas tree whenever we play her…our listeners love her. Also, making it on our musical christmas menu today was Sweden’s Carolina Liar (the first rock band produced by world-renowned producer/songwriter Max Martin) and their song “I’m Not Over.” My mate Martin Dodd sent me over the demos a few months ago and I can’t get this band out of my head. I also can’t wait to see them do their first ever US public show in Los Angeles on December 12th at the Indie 1031 and Starbucks (don’t ask…don’t tell) presents “A Passport Approved Christmas” show at On The Rox at The Roxy on Sunset Blvd in W. Hollywood. I was also very impressed by Karoshi Bros (a duo out of the UK) who are like to big Christmas balls hanging off the tree….they are so good that they stand out (musically speaking of course). The Dido track “Winter” on the Dusted album (a side project of Faithless founder and Dido brother RolloArmstrong) went over very well today…it’s one of my holiday favorites and always puts me in good spirits. Boymongoose from India via Australia had me in chuckles with the bollywood and Southpark style remake of “12 Days of Christmas” (this is a classic and I recommend everyone to check out the video on YouTube for Boymongoose…very cool indeed). My co-host Steve Schnur on the Indie 1031 Los Angeles live broadcast of Passport Approved had a good time rockin’ out to the music today also..even though he was a bit under the weather…that man works too bloody hard in my opinion.
 I’ve gotta roll “UK gangsta style” (thanks to Champ for calling in today and letting us world-premiere his awesome bootleg of White Stripes V Kanye West”), which was true musical bling to my ears. Till next time, it’s over n out from my musical sack to your ears. Jingle Bells to all!


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