November 25, 2007

Ok, so doing a radio show is fun as I get to share a lot great new music and artists with real music pundits – meaning those who respect and appreciate this very personal art form. This Saturday our int’l radio friends, Karyn Hay from KIWI FM gave us a nice little sniff of what was happening Down Under (musically speaking…of course) in New Zealand. Also, the King of Tartan music (Jim Gellatly, Xfm Scotland) shared his weekly selection from Scotland with the Passport Approved audience. Both of these DJs rarely disappoint with their fine selection of imported musical goods. Where the **** is DJ Max from MotorFM in Germany? He’s been slacking off the past few weeks and its rubbing my tea cup the wrong way! I think a call to his Gaffer will do the trick (not to get him in trouble or anything…but c’mon…how long can it take to send in a five minute bloody segment once a week)? I like consistency as do the stations that broadcast Passport Approved – so c’mon get with the bloody program I tell myself quietly.

 This Saturday’s special in-studio guests were the queens of Scotland (The Hedrons) who put up with a not to sharp Sat Bisla on the air. Don’t know what happened to me this Saturday morning, but the caffeine just didn’t kick in. Must’ve been the medication I’ve been on for my tonsillitis cure (which are finally just about gone). At 11.00AM world-renowned psychic Lisa Williams who does a very popular TV show called “Life Amongst The Dead” (she speaks to the dead) on Lifetime TV and its syndicated in 56 other countries was a guest on the show. Lisa, her hubby Kev and I have become friends thanks to a personal reading I had with Lisa a few months ago. She’s also a big music fan and even dead people like to get their groove on (well, so I’ve been told) and figured it’d be nice to have Lisa on the show.  I’ve always been a skeptic about psychics after my experience with some lady named Sylvia Brown (in my opinion, her last name should be B*** S***). What a crock she was…her reading was so bad, I had to ask for a refund. I felt like a right arse (ass) for even seeing her in the first place. However a trusted friend of mine told me about Lisa and how she changed her life. So I figured what the hell, I’ll give it another go. First sentences out of Lisa’s mouth scared the crap out of me. She was so “spot on” about a personal conversation I had with my dad (which she had NO WAY of knowing) that I became an instant believer. Everything else that followed suit was so frighteningly accurate that I am now a believer. Cool thing about Lisa is she loved a lot of the music on Passport Approved including Reverend & The Makers, Ejectorseat, Bassboosa (her favorite band she told me), Karoshi Bros and The Ting Tings…she’s got great taste if I do say so myself.

 Anyway, it was nice to have Lisa on the show…though I worry that she can read what’s in my mind (but she’s never called me out on it…so I guess I’m good for now J). Yes, the cheeky side of me does come out on occasion.

 My favorite girl, DJ Jenna B (who I’ll be working for one day) ended off the show with her early Christmas well-wishes. If anyone knows how to empty my already thin wallet…she can. She’s also the only one that can put me in my place if I step out of line…she seems to be able to do that with everyone she meets. I’ve met my match! She needs to put producer Brandon in his place…he’s been a cheeky monkey…whining about everything lately (someone find him a date, or someit). Over and out!


One Response to “LIFE AMONGST THE DEAD – 11.25.07”

  1. Len said

    Your comments are great. I have spoken to many friends who listen in and they agree that it really helps to get a feel of how the show is put together and all the hardwork and energy required, and the fun you obviously have.
    The unsigned music scene has gone up a few gears over the last two or three years.Whereas you used to listen to hear the odd gem. The show is now full gems.
    You and your team are to be congratulated on the quality show you deliver each week.

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