tonsillitis on passport approved – 11.10.07

November 10, 2007

It’s Saturday November 10th, 2007 and I got texted this morning by my “Indie 103.1FM” Los Angeles co-host Steve Schnur that he can’t make it to the show today. Thanks Steve! Did you hurt your other eye, I ask myself in a cheeky kind of way? I’ve got tonsillitis and now I’ve got to do all the talking on the show. It sucks living 40 miles from the radio station. I was up until 1.00AM as Passport Approved presented The Ting Tings for their first ever public show in the US at On The Rocks at the legendary Roxy. The Ting Tings were great and definitely a band that’s poised to blow up in 2008 worldwide. It’s such an honor to be able to premiere bands like The Ting Tings first in N. America on the radio, when no one is a believer. I trust my gut (and it’s hard to miss these days…lay-off of the daily muffins Sat!)…and give artists a chance to be heard, when no one else is quite ready to give them that opportunity.

 Today, Jesse from Kongos (a very cool band from South Africa via London now residing in Phoenix, AZ…are you confused yet?) called-in and it was great to chat with such a knowledgeable, intelligent and passionate artist. Followed-up by Kongos was Dolly from the quirky U.K. band Bo Pepper who I love playing on the show (even Perez Hilton is a fan…when of the few artists he doesn’t slag-off by the sounds of it). My producer Brandon (who does a good job as a fill-in for Steve I might add) tried to make the moves on Bo Pepper (which is Dolly’s puppet and the inspiration behind the band name), c’mon Brandon you can do better than that mate (check out the video to Brandon’s wandering hands on Bo’s legs on YouTube soon). To put the icing on the cake, Katie and Jules from The Ting Tings popped-by for their first live on-air radio interview in the US. They did a session a day before for my good friend Nic Harcourt at KCRW…who has very good taste in music and has been a champion to many acts before anyone took note of them (Norah Jones, Coldplay, Keane to name a few). Granted I’ve sent Nic many new artists – he’s a real music anorak. Nic is also a great human-being and has always been a good friend to me first and foremost. That’s rare to find in LA…in a town where so many people get star-struck and get in the music business for their egos or the “fashion” of it. It’s nice to be in similar company like Nic, who does what he does for the passion – hence he has nothing to prove.

 After three hours live on-air, my tonsillitis were killin’ me. Nothing is more disgusting (other than egomaniacs) than seeing the flaring of the tonsils on the back of your tongue. Just when I thought I could go home and rest my tired feet, I realized I had an hour and a half to go…recording the vocal bits for the syndicated shows for Passport Approved in the US and Germany. Thankfully, my mate TK from “Indie 103.1FM” does the Passport Approved segments for our new radio partners at Xfm Scotland, Xfm Manchester and Xfm London in the UK. Left the studio at 1:45pm and off to the barber’s to get my $10 haircut. I know sounds cheap, but you know what, I like my Barber…she’s always been good to me over the years (never *ucking up my hair) and you can’t buy loyalty!


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