August 25, 2007

It’s Saturday morning here in Los Angeles and I’ve absolutely shattered. I guess doing the red eye a couple of days prior to/from New York is not a good idea especially, when you’ve got a four hour radio show ahead of you with a plethora of guests. Fortunately, I had producer Brandon and our new side-kick Monte in the studio helping me out.

Dave from Nottingham, England’s Headway called in live from the UK for his very first radio interview anywhere in the world. He was great! Have you heard Headway? If not, you’re missing out big time. Any fan of Coldplay, Keane, Travis, Snow Patrol or Radiohead should have this band on their list of favorites. Producer Josh Abraham worked on their forthcoming debut album. All I can say is that it’s a corker (brilliant)!

Our friend Karyn Hay from Kiwi FM in New Zealand gave us a little sniff of what’s happening down under in her neck of the brush (musically speaking of course) in Auckland with a new tune from the Phoenix Foundation. Killer track to say the least.

 The legendary knob-twister (producer) Owen Morris who has worked with The Verve, Fratellis, Oasis, Ash to name a few called in to Passport Approved on his holiday in Spain. Core-blimey, I’m absolutely gob-smacked to have him calling in on the show to help us World Premiere his latest discovery Exile Parade from Warrington, England. This band is the “dogs bollocks” of rock…absolutely brilliant. They’re unsigned right now but destined to be massive…like the headache I had this morning (but in Exile Parade’s case….I mean it in a very sincere and complimentary kind of way.

 Up next on this busy Saturday radio show morning was Aussie/Deutsche duo known as Sam Sparro doing their first ever FM radio interview in the world on Passport Approved. The duo are getting a lot of worldwide label interest all of a sudden after being played on Indie 103.1FM and Passport Approved…thanks to a tip our producer Brandon got from an Atlantic Records A&R rep called Mollie Moore in LA…thanks for the music Moll’s, but sorry that the cat’s out of the bag on Sam Sparro…that’s a great thing! Its’ good to see a talented band like Sam Sparro getting the attention they deserve as they’ve been working their bloody tails off. Today, sees the launch of the record….hence a  record release party. I have to say our listeners are the best….they sure know how to make artists feel loved and they evoke the truest passion for music…which was evident from the response Sam Sparro garnered after giving away copies of their new EP, Black And Gold.

The last interview on the show today was by Dan (the drummer) from Liverpool, England-based trio The Wombats. Alex Gilbert  gave us their demos about two years ago and the response has been fab.  Alex is the UK A&R guy who gave BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe…my former UK co-host on Passport Approved the demo of the Killers, who played them on his show and essentially got them their deal…as Island Records US A&R guy Rob Stevenson heard the band on Zane’ s show and signed them according to what he told me anyway…Back to the Wombats. Dan was briliant. He was calling me from the bloody toilet in Liverpool. I dared not ask what he was doing in there, but Alex proudly announced he was having a weee (piss). We chatted about their fantastic new album, Boys Girls & Marsupials, which comes out next month in the UK. The Wombats make such great noise for a trio…I along with everyone on the show, most importatnly our listeners just love this band. We’re so happy the band is having great success and everyone is lovin their tunes..that’s what great music is all about…connecting with you on a personal level. From a soccer (football) stan-point I would be beaten-up as a Liverpool fan for having an Everton fan like Dan on the show (but heck, he makes great music and that’s my passion…so his passport was approved on the show. Dan left the show by describing to us how two lads we peeing on the side wall of the pub where he was calling us from. He was quite graphic…which made me salivate for a pint of beer and a pee on the side of a pub thereafter (one can only dream right?).

I’ve talked a hell of a lot to day…I’m  a big jet-lagged….my sore is getting throat (I have tendency when I’m shattered to read sentences backwards…..oops), my memory is slow… my mouth will speak before my brain has interpretted what it’s (mouth) is supposed to say. I feel like I sound like a total idiot at times…but that’s me…I try to be me without covering up my mistakes…luckily I have so much great music from around our beautiful planet to make listeners as passionate about the show as I am. Till next time….gooney-goo-goo.



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