bisla blog number one

June 9, 2007

So, this is my first ever blog, here we go…

It’s after 12pm and I’m shattered. I think the lack of sleep is catching up with me finally…but the music keeps me going. Driving 40 miles to the radio station (each way) does allow me to catch up on my music listening and calls to family in Europe. I usually grab my tea and donut on the way into the studio; however, this morning I didn’t and I can sense the lack of energy…so can the listeners.

Another Passport Approved radio show is under my belt. So much great music from all over the world…it’s like having a continuous fix of your favorite drug (music is my drug). Got amazing response today on Scott Matthews, Ting Tings, Remi Nicole (Rock & Roll is a smash…can’t believe we got to give her the first ever radio interview in the world…thanks of course to my producer Brandon for hooking it up, but also co-host Steve Schnur on the LA version of Passport Approved who turned me onto her in the first place). The Pigeon Detectives…what can I say…amazing! Fortune Drive…and Sonny Jim…fantastic too! There’s way too much great music and I can’t wait for next week to do it all over again.

Oh yeah, by the way if I was distracted by Bassboosa…it was the music!




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